Olkhon in Winter - foto by Artur Abagyan


Olkhon in Winter.


Maral`s (rare type of  dear) near the Harantzy village.


"Kamchatka" (fishers tent)
on the Baikal`s ice.


Fotographer on the Baikal`s ice


Ice road.


Siberian dog.


Khoboy cape.


"Ukha" (fish soup) by blowlamp.


Snowstorm near Khoboy cape.


Burkhan cape.


Ice palace`s on the rocks.


Baikal omul.


Severely stays Shamanka rock.


Time to go home.


Sunset from UAZ
(russian offroad army car) window.


Great siberian snow
(even UAZ can`t go:-)


Forest on the Olkhon.




Ice plants.


"Banya" (bath-house) in the
Bencharov`s farmstead.


Pink space.


Sunset on the Burkhan cape.


Dog - 2.


Baikal`s ice.


Evening - 2.


Winter tale.


Rocks near the Uzury village.


View from ice cave.


Another one "Kamchatka"
and small UAZ.


Shaman Valentin Hagdaev




Bencharov`s guesthouse on Olkhon Island:

Take mountain bicycle to explore the island of Olkhon


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